Resort Ratings

Resort Ratings

The following ratings are used on our website to distinguish the differences in overall quality between the  All Inclusive Resorts we represent. We use the Starfish Starfish as our method of rating. Our ratings are based on our in-house sales staff stays, our client’s vacations and comments we receive via e-mail, phone and by mail after our client’s return home. (We do not sell any type of budget all-inclusive resorts that would be rated one or two Starfish) Starting with Three Starfish (our entry level resorts) and with a Maximum of Five Starfish (our highest rating), the following scale is used:

Three: StarfishStarfishStarfish
A moderate All Inclusive Resort with all of the basic services and facilities. These resorts represent our entry level values to an All-Inclusive Resort. (All drinks, meals, accommodations, taxes and tips included)

FourStarfish Starfish Starfish Starfish
A very nice All Inclusive Resort with a good choice of restaurants, comfortable accommodations, good choice of water and land sports.

Five: Starfish Starfish Starfish Starfish Starfish
Our top All Inclusive Resorts. The finest accommodations, top-quality restaurants, entertainment, water and land sports and excellent service