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What is an All-Inclusive Resort?

When you purchase a vacation at an all-inclusive resort all major expenses are included within that purchase price. This means your room, all your meals, your entertainment at the resort, water activities, and even programs for the kids with resorts that accept children. You choose whether to pick a package that includes airfare.

At an all-inclusive resort you get all the fun without the headaches. You never wonder “Will we run out of cash before it’s time to leave?” “Will there be enough to do while we’re there?” “What will the kids do?” Many family resorts have supervised activities for the kids.

If you’re traveling without children, you also have the option of booking an all adult resort or so you never have to ask, “Will the pool be filled with noisy children?” “Will I be eating next to a screaming baby at dinner?” When part of the joy of your vacation is spending some time away from your own children, it’s a relief to know you won’t be dealing with anyone else’s!

All-inclusive resorts are a popular choice for honeymooners, too. There are few more romantic moments then sitting on the balcony of your suite watching the sun set over a sandy ocean beach. You might want to return every year to celebrate your anniversary.

Some resorts offer wedding packages. You can have a beach wedding and already be at your honeymoon destination. This is a much more pleasant choice than having the wedding and then spending a couple of stressful days at airports. It also gives your family and friends an excuse too visit a tropical paradise.

Not all all-inclusive resorts are created equal, though. When you’re deciding who to book your vacation with find out exactly what you’re paying for and what extra charges you’ll incur.

Some trips include round-trip air flights, resort stay, but will then charge you extra for transfers or trip insurance. Other companies will truly include it all in one price. Make sure you know which one you’re getting.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask when you’re booking your resort:

•    Is there one restaurant or will I have choices?

•    Are there water activities available close by?

•    Do they have activities for children as well as adults?

•    Are there any nightclubs or other night life?

•    Do the rooms have balconies? Jacuzzi tubs?

•    Are their any golf courses or tourist attractions close by?

•    Is tipping included and if not, who and how much do I tip?

When you book your resort vacation, always use an agency that’s willing and happy to answer all your questions.

The greatest benefit of all-inclusive vacation is the value. If you add up all the parts of your vacation, the room, all the meals, the activities, the airfare, the charges would be much more than you’ll pay at an all-inclusive resort.

So what is an all-inclusive resort? It’s a vacation that you’ll remember for years, but won’t be paying for years after you’ve returned.

When you’re basking in the sun on a tropical beach, you don’t want to worry about anything. And that’s the point of an all-inclusive resort.